Writing forEach with java 8 lambda

Let’s take a simple example. It’s easier, probably, and can not be – create a list of numbers and display it on the screen through the simplest cycle:

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Retrieve version from maven pom.xml in java

Today we will discuss working with pom.xml. Suppose you have a web application and you want to print its current version in some part of the page.
Of course you can save the version in a separate parameter and read from there. But there is an option better. We can determine the version by reading it directly from pom.xml.

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How to generate a MS Word document (docx) from Java

In today’s article, we’ll look at generating a document based on the docx document template. This is a very common task in business applications where you service needs to provide a report to a user based on his actions.
To generate the that document, we will use the docx-stamper library.

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How to convert java string array to string with delimiter

Using String.join method (from java 8)

Using simple for-loop expression


How to convert an int to a formatted string in java

Using java.util.formatter

See the Formatter docs for other modifiers.

2 code examples to convert int[] to Integer[]

Convert using java streams (java 8+)

Using regular for-loop without external libraries:

Using Guava library


4 code examples to check If a String is an Integer in Java

Suppose we have the following problem. User input some value, how to check that this value is a String is an integer:

1. Check by Exception

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